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Dental clinic in Bangalore - With an Orthodontist, pediatric dentist, endodontist, periodontist & dental implant specialist
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Oct 19, 2019 – Nov 19, 2019

Dear Clients, on the worldwide occasion of this month's significance in the field of Orthodontics -
Get a free consultation for advanced self-ligating braces from AMERICAN ORTHODONTICS ® by our experienced Orthodontists at Little Pearls. Affordable & high-quality treatment is conducted at our sta...

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What is an orthodontist?
Orthodontists is a dental specialist who undergoes 3+ years in the field of orthodontics which is a branch of dentistry treat patients with conditions such as crooked teeth which are also called dental malocclusions. An orthodontist will diagnose a case using study models...

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What is a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are specially trained in MDS which is a post-graduate programme in India to handle kids from early infancy to the age proceeding up to their teenage. They are specially trained for three years to administer dental and oral health care with respect...

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Wisdom teeth are one of the last ones to erupt in the permanent dentition. They are located in the posterior most position in the jaw. There are a total of . four wisdom teeth in ones mouth, two in the mandible and two in the maxillae.

Wisdom tooth pain is common during its...

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15 Nov, 2018 – 14 Dec, 2018

Wishing all the Kids residing in Namma Bengaluru a very happy children's day form Little pearls paediatric dentistry & Orthodontic care. How many of you knew that November 14th is also world pedodontics day! So on this day and for the month ahead our Pediatric dentists would love to provide free ...

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Best tooth pastes in India 2018 -
1- Colgate junior for kids is also recommended by our pediatric dentists for your child.
2- Sensodyne toothpastes sensitivity
3- Pepsodent toothpastes
4- Close up Toothpastes for fresh breath
5- Himalaya herbals complete care with herbs
6- Patanjali toothpastes w...

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How many milk teeth does a child have?

Most of the kids will have a complete set of twenty milk teeth by the age of three years. When your kid turns four or seven years old, these milk teeth will start their shedding phase so that they can make way for the permanent dentition in the dental arch....

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Welcome to a kid friendly Pediatric dental Clinic.

30 Aug, 2018 – 30 Sep, 2018

Welcome to a hospital free ambience. Pediatric dental & Orthodontic care centre with experienced pediatric dentists & state of the art pedodontics including Pediatric Orthodontics. Our doctors cater to a clientele who prefer personalised dental care for their kids without any compromise on qualit...

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Pediatric dentists

  • Pediatric dentistry

    Our state of the art pediatric dental care clinic has experienced pediatric dentists. Walk in with your child for a complete dental assessment at just Rs 200.
  • Pedodontists

    Get a check up from our general dentists at just Rs 150.
  • Kids dentist

    Kids dentistry at Little pearls, has a child friendly ambiance for your child. Equipped with all the state of the art pedodontic equipment and instruments to cater to the your needs your little kid will require!

Cosmetic dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentists

    Get a complete cosmetic dental assessment with our experienced dentists in aesthetics. In involved shade assessment and golden proportions for your smile. Our smile makeover software will generate the required plans.
  • Teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening is done with the latest non invasive lasers which act on the enamel to remove stains and discolouration. They are a time tested process but are a little more expensive compared to the traditional whitening methods compared to dental bleaching.
  • Teeth bleaching

    Teeth bleaching is a cost-effective option to remove discoloration. This process uses hydrogen peroxide which is very effective in mobilising and removing stains which go a long way in restoring your beautiful smile!
  • At home teeth whitening with customised trays

    Teeth whitening trays can be fabricated by your cosmetic dentists at Little Pearls. This is done after taking an impression and creating a dental model. They are made to custom fit the surfaces of your teeth and a hydrogen peroxide gel is given to add to it. Once the gel is added the patient can place these trays over the teeth once a week for fifteen minutes to whiten them. These trays are perfect for people who can visit a dentist now and then due to hectic schedules, thus making them very compatible with your lifestyle needs.
  • Veneers

    Dental veneers are thin laminates which are placed on the surface of your teeth to create a perfect smile. They are perfect for people who have dental anomalies and deformities to restore the natural structure. They are made of zirconium or ceramic and are shade guided to match the posterior teeth. These veneers are usually placed on the surface of the anterior teeth to match them to the golden proportions!
  • Smile makeovers

    Smile makeovers include a combination of one or more cosmetic dental procedures to restore your beautiful smile


  • Orthodontic assessment

    Our experienced orthodontists consult and give you a complete orthodontic assessment at just Rs 300.
  • Invisalign Clear Aligners

    Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces. Little Pearls dental clinic in Bangalore is equipped with the state of the art technology such as OPG & Invisalign scanners to add to the precision of the treatments. These Invisible braces are virtually invisible and go a long way in aligning your teeth without the fuss of metal or ceramic brackets!
  • Orthodontic metal braces

    Orthodontic treatment with metal braces are the traditional time tested appliances which are bonded to your teeth. At Little Pearls we use high-quality metal brackets from American Orthodontics. The latest type of metal braces are called Damon braces and they are really effective in creating multidirectional tooth movements. Our experienced orthodontists will give you a complete assessment and treatment plan after taking an OPG.
  • Orthodontic ceramic braces

    Ceramic braces are less visible and inconspicuous compared to the metal braces. They also have a smooth surface which prevents lacerations and ulcers in the mouth. We use ceramic braces and wires from American orthodontics. These can be a perfect option for people who feel that Invisalign is very expensive.


  • Dental implants

    Dental Implants are the latest and perfect tooth replacement option at Little pearls dentistry. They are the closest prosthesis resembling the natural tooth with a titanium screw which mimics the root. They are a very durable and perfect tooth replacement option which are a permanent solution to replace the natural tooth.
  • Complete dentures

    Complete dentures are the perfect option to replace all the teeth especially for senior citizens. They can be removed and are fabricated with a smooth finish to make their wear and fit as comfortable as possible. They are made with biocompatible material such as acrylic and can be stored in water when removed. We have experienced prosthodontists who will fabricate them using the latest material and prosthodontic techniques!
  • Removable partial dentures

    Removable partial dentures are the perfect option for people who are looking forward to replace a few teeth. They can be removed when not required. They can aid in restoring functionality such as speech and chewing food. They are made with biocompatible acrylic and are also shade guided to match the adjacent existing teeth!

Dental Implants

  • Single tooth titanium dental implant

    A dental implant goes a long way in restoring a missing tooth. Its the most durable and latest technology in dentistry, our dental impantologist Dr. Ramakrishna T MDS, MOI (U.S.A) has an experience of 18 years and is also the HOD of the department of Oral surgery at the oxford dental college & hospital in Bangalore.
  • Full mouth dental implants

    Full mouth dental implants are an alternative to dentures now days and are a permanent solution to lost teeth.


  • Invisalign clear aligners are the clear alternative to braces.They are completely invisible and removable and have a lesser treatment time.



a month ago
My front 2 teeth gap filling was handled extremely well and done successfully without any pain. Doctor is very experienced and straight forward which I liked the most. All doctors stuff members are really great, caring and gentle. I will highly recommend this clinic if you need any kind of Dental treatment.
- Ashwin H
a month ago
Dr. Neeraja is a very experienced doctor. My daughter had her first root canal treatment when she was 1yr and 9 months. She is 11yrs now we still go to her for check up. She explains the problem and it's solution clearly. Every step of the treatment is done with the long term goal of protecting the teeth from any recurrence. She is also very good with kids. Thanks to her my daughter has a beautiful smile with all her teeth.
- Sabitha G
3 weeks ago
One stop solution for all your dental problems. Doctors are very experienced and efficient. Clinic is hygiene, staff supportive. Have special section for kids. Would definitely recommend for all family age groups.
- nalam m

Little pearls dental services

Pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, invisalign, endodontics, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers, dental lumineers, wisdom tooth or teeth removal, dentures
Thanks for choosing our experienced dental specialists in bangalore who provide quality dental care through Google search! Our doctors include-
- Pediatric dentist 
- Endodontist 
- Orthodontist 
- Periodontist 
- Prosthodontist 
- General dentist 
- Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon
- Dental surgeon
Little Pearls dental care
Providing high quality & affordable dental care since 1992.Cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery & dental implants.

Dr. Neeraja Raju is a specialist in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry.She is the founder and proprietor of Little Pearls Dental Care. She did her under graduation at government dental college in 1994 and obtained her Masters in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

Dental Treatment, In Bangalore - Little Pearls dental care
Dentists in Bangalore with 20+ years of experience. Dentistry with a passion since 1992. Affordable high quality dental treatment with state of the art equipment.

Pedodontics in Bengaluru. Child friendly clinic, with play area & pediatric dental chairs. Pediatric dentists with 20+ years of experience. Dentistry since 1992.

BRACES starts at 38000Rs - comparatively lower than the overall invisalign cost as materiel, training, equipment, experience & CAD CAM software technology required is lesser compared to INVISALIGN ®. Invisalign in Bengaluru- price starts from 200000 INR.At Little Pearls dental care the price for Invisalign starts as low as ...

Why choose LITTLE PEARLS™ dental specialists with M.D.S?endodontist | perio

3+ years of post graduation
Dentists & surgeons with M.D.S
3+ years of training after completing B.D.S and getting a good rank in their entrence exams.
Field of expertise

M.D.S graduates deal with cases belonging to their specialization thus providing their best with the vast knowledge they gained.

M.D.S specialists have good experience treating more number of cases during their post graduation & practice.
Takes 9 years of effort

B.D.S- batchelor of dental surgery = 5 and half yearsM.D.S master of dental surgery = 3years and 6 months for certification
Clinical fields they choose
Orthodontist (braces specialist) Endodontist (Root canals) Periodontist (Gums) Oral surgeon (Wisdom tooth & maxillofacial surgery) Prosthodontist (Tooth replacement) Pedodontist (kids)
Our specialists
All of our dental specialists have 10+ years of experience in their field of expertise Few of them have an experience of 20+ years as well & hold high positions such as professors & H.O.Ds in reputable dental institutions.

Dr Neeraja Raju B.D.S , M.D.S -
Pediatric dental surgeon

23 Years ExperienceDr. Neeraja Raju is a specialist in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry.She is the founder and proprietor of Little Pearls Dental Care.She did her under graduation at government dental college in 1994 and obtained her Masters in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. She is a postgraduate guide and actively involved in academics.She is child-friendly and has her way in treating kids with dental problems. Her priority is in preventing dental diseases and providing highest quality therapeutic oral health care solutions for children. She also provides services like Orthodontics for children and adults, as well as General and Cosmetic Dentistry and has a multi specialty practice with a team of expert consultants who are extremely talented in treating adults.She is also a reader and post graduate research guide at the Oxford dental college,hospital and research center.She was a gold medalist graduate form Government dental college Bangalore which is one of India's top five dental collages  

Dr Vani Jairaj B.D.S, M.D.S -
 Orthodontist & dentofacial Orthopedician

11years experience
 Dr Vani is an experienced and skilled Orthodontist who is a perfectionist by nature, and her patient care is second to none. Because of her unique artistic ability, she aims to create the perfect smile to suit a person's face. With her quest for excellence she has treated a large number of patients in our practice.Dr Vani and our team have dedicated themselves to provide state of the art, personalized orthodontic treatment in a comfortable setting at Little Pearls. As an Orthodontic specialist, she offers treatments ranging from straightening a single tooth to complex, surgical repositioning of jaws, Cleft and other craniofacial abnormalities.  

Dr. Srinivas Panchajanya
 Endodontist & cosmetic dentist

12 years experience 
Dr. Srinivas Panchajanya our Endodontist at Little Pearls and has been working with us for more than a decade. He completed BDS from Maaruti College of Dental Sciences & Research Center, Bangalore in 2003 and MDS - Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from Maaruti College of Dental Sciences & Research Center, Bangalore in 2008.He is a member of Indian Dental Association. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Dental Fillings, Impaction / Impacted Tooth Extraction, Crowns and Bridges Fixing, Complete/Partial Dentures Fixing and Teeth Whitening.Hes also a professor and PG guide at the oxford dental college and research center and is actively involved in academics and research workshops.

Oral surgery & restorative dental team

Dr. Ramakrishna
 BDS, MDS,MOI (U.S.A) - 
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

 16 years experience
Dr. Ramakrishna T. graduated as an MDS in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery and Implantology, he is presently the H.O.D of the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Oxford dental college and research center in Bangalore and shares a great relationship with his post graduate students and his  colleague like Dr Neeraja Raju back at college. Dr .Ram’s association with Little pearls dates back to our establishing period and he co-exists with our team of proficient specialists giving their patients a premium class care and preference clubbed with the appropriate expertise in their respective fields. He comes with a distinct experience of 12 years in the field of dentistry. His approach to patient care is very clear and well defined.He enjoys everyday challenges of his job and it keeps him on his toes. He takes great pride in accommodating his patient’s busy schedule with their dental needs, because to him Patient care is priority. 

Dr. Pavan Talanki BDS, MDS Prosthodontist & implantologist

10 years experience
 Dr. Pavan T.P is our Prosthodontist at Little Pearls dental care and has an experience of 10 years in this field. He is also a senior lecturer and undergraduare guide at the R.V dental college, Bangalore. He completed his BDS from Sri Siddhartha Dental College in 2007 and MDS from Maaruti College of Dental Sciences & Research Center, Bangalore.He is a member of Indian Prosthodontic Society and Indian Dental Association. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Complete/Partial Dentures Fixing, Gum Disease Treatment/ Surgery, Scaling / Polishing, Impaction / Impacted Tooth Extraction and Dental Implant Fixing.He is actively involved in research and attends dental conferences and workshops on a regular basis due to his passion in this field and thrust for knowledge which he applies practically to provide our patients the best dental care possible.

Dr Vinayak Raghunathan 

 Periodontist & laser gum treatment specialist

8 years experience
Dr.Vinayak is one of the family dentists specialists in Bangalore specialized in Laser Dentistry. His expertise in this field has been the result of the extensive training he has undergone. He also finished his course in dental impantology at the R.V dental college,Bangalore.He has also undergone training in hard tissue and gum restoration therapy using the latest dental lasers.In addition to being a laser practitioner, he is also a reputed periodontist at Little Pearls dental care.After completing his undergraduation he has also undergone post graduation training for 3 years in field of Periodontics as his specialization.He has also attained membership in reputed organizations like Indian Society of Periodontology and Indian Dental Association.He is also a senior lecturer and a postgraduate guide who is actively involved in acdemics and research at the reputed Oxford dental college and research center.He is one of the very few Periodontists in Bangalore who can treat the most complicated gum issues using his technique sensitive hand skills and advances dental lasers restoring their form and function............................................................................................Page contents- Little pearls | MDS | doctors | dentists | Orthodontist | pediatric dentist | pedodontist in Bengaluru endodontist | periodontist | prosthodontist | oral | maxillofacial | dental | surgeon in Bengaluru 

Dr Neeraja Raju MDS PEDIATRIC DENTIST (24 Years experience) Dr. Neeraja Raju is a specialist in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry.She is the founder and proprietor of Little Pearls Dental Care.She also provides services like Orthodontics for children and adults, as well as General and Cosmetic Dentistry and has a multi specialty practice with a team of expert consultants.

Regular dental checkups for kids by pediatric dentists are required to assess their general health and any infections that can affect their integrity. The pediatric dentist will also prescribe the right kids tooth paste.

Fluoride varnish for kids is a highly concentrated form of fluoride available at Little Pearls which is applied to the tooth’s surface by our pediatric dentists, as a type of topical fluoride therapy which goes a long way in strengthening the enamel and preventing caries and decay.

Painless way of protecting your children’s teeth from tooth decay by our pediatric dentists. It is a plastic coating which covers the chewing surfaces of the back adult teeth. The sealant for kids forms a hard shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves in the teeth.

At Little Pearls in Bangalore, you can trust our pediatric dentists to be kind, caring and compassionate for your kids with special needs be it mental or physical. Little pearls dental clinic for kids is designed keeping in mind the possible necessities kids with special health care needs require.

A tooth starts to decay if the caries is not removed and filled. Pediatric dental fillings for kids go a long way in preventing long term issues like infection transmitted to the underlying permanent teeth!  

Pulpectomy is also called baby root canal treatment. A cavity that involves the nerve of the tooth will cause a child to experience intense pain. Although the pain may actually subside for a period of time using antibiotics, it will return unless the tooth is properly treated by your pediatric dentists.

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